About Rick

To me, music is the bridge between what we know, and what we can perceive but cannot know. Music is a magic that warms our lives and adds a silent contemplation to that beyond ourselves. I was drawn into the magic of music as a child, and remember the sense of wonder listening to a harpist in my school in Albuquerque , New Mexico in second grade. I remember astounding my older brother for the first time playing the recorder part from Stairway to Heaven note for note. Whether singing in church choir, mercilessly banging the drums, conjuring up sonic images of Spain, or making the Strat squeal like a pig, music takes possession of my consciousness. I, in turn, respectively share the magic of music I have come to know through performance, composition, and teaching.

Music is a wonderful link to the past and timeless at the same time, and my musical journey has been aided by many wonderful and dedicated people whose lessons I carry and pass on. First and foremost my parents who provided me with the means to develop my talent. My mom who loved music as much as me, and sang in the choir and shared my fascinations with musical beauty. My dad who bought and carried a drum set on a plane to feed my musical hunger. My wonderful series of teachers, all helping my musical insight. Jim Dell and John Truitt at the Albuquerque Academy who brought me into the wonderful world of guitar by exposing me to folk, classical, flamenco, and blues in a seamless manner to give me a wonderful foundation to explore the diverse beauty of the guitar. Flamenco Maestro Rene Heredia, who shared the cante jondo and gypsy techniques of Flamenco Guitar. John McClaren, Charles Wolzien, Rene Gonzales, and Maestro Juan Mercadal who all expanded my awareness of classical guitar literature and technique.

My journey into the depths of music continue as I explore new pieces, play with family and old and new friends, and relearn over and over the subtleties of playing this wonderful instrument as I teach students of all ages and interest the keys to musical expression.

Teaching Expertise

Rick has taught all types of guitar for over 25 years, and excels in meeting the needs of each individual student. For teaching very young children, Rick uses the Suzuki method and the Mother Tongue Approach through the Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts. Rick has been a certified Suzuki teacher since 1993. Non Suzuki students are taught at his personal studio in Lafayette, Colorado. For older beginners, he uses tablature to facilitate quick comprehension of a notational system used for string instruments for over 500 years. Standard notation is then introduced to those that already read music or those that wish to learn. Rick specializes in taking songs from an MP3 player, and transcribing the song note for note. Rick has a great method to teach you to improvise in different styles. Rick has played in many different bands, and the knowledge he has acquired playing diverse styles can be passed on to you. He also has extensive materials to develop classical and flamenco technique and repertoire. Rick has BM in classical guitar performance from the University of Miami. Whatever guitar you may have, Rick can help you learn to play it better. In addition to private lessons, Rick also directs the Colibri Guitar Orchestra at the Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts. We are always looking to add more classical guitarists. As an added service, Rick will help you pick out a new guitar for no charge. Many aspiring guitarist have been foiled by an inappropriate instrument. Don’t be held hostage by an inherited instrument!

If you are new to Guitar, please watch my free video lesson to get started. I also do Skype lessons payable through Paypal.